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Asthma and Supplemental Oxygen?

Millions of Americans have asthma and have difficulty breathing. It can be a major concern that negatively impacts lives every day. There is not a cure for asthma and can worsen over time. Having asthma can lead to other respiratory complications. Supplemental oxygen therapy might be a great way to treat asthma and help for better breathing.

Some people use nebulizers to help open their airways during asthma attacks, but

oxygen can be used to help those that have more frequent attacks. A Portable Oxygen Concentrator is a device that can help those suffering with Asthma and is also used for individuals that have low oxygen saturation levels.

A portable concentrator can be used for therapy and could improve your quality of life if you’re suffering from asthma. It could be the relief you have been looking for.

Consult with your physician to see if supplemental oxygen can be used as a form of treatment for your asthma.



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