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Designed especially for the OxyGo NEXT Portable Oxygen Concentrator, this ultra-lightweight, full size backpack combines modern materials and styling with intelligent features so you can bring your portable concentrator with you wherever you go.

With the OxyGo NEXT backpack, there is a place for everything -- water bottle, spare batteries, personal items, jacket or sweater, cannulas and tubing -- and of course your OxyGo NEXTPortable Oxygen Concentrator. The backpack's thermoformed shell provides stability and protection for the concentrator, while padded, adjustable straps and padded back provide superb comfort and fit for the oxygen user on the go.

There is special mesh venting that assists in keeping the unit cool while operating; and a protective display shield provides protection from dirt and moisture, while allowing easy access to the cannula and controls.

OxyGo NEXT Backpack

SKU: 1170-3420
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