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This DC Power Cord is designed  for use with Inogens' Portable Oxygen Concentrators, G3, G4 and G5.  The DC cord allows you to power your concentrator from standard DC Power Outlets like those found in most cars, boats and other vehicles.

When attached to DC Power the Inogen POC will operate as usual and WILL recharge any battery, that is currently attached to the concentrator, as long as sufficient power is available.


USAGE: To prevent the potential of blown fuses or port damage, the manufacturer recommends that DC outlets have a minimum 15 Amp output when using this cord.

Inogen DC Power Cord

SKU: BA-306
    • TOTAL LENGTH (APPROX)7 Feet 8 Inches
    • WEIGHT (APPROX).4 Lbs


    • DC POWER INPUT13.5 - 15.5 Volts
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