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Power Outage Season

Hurricane season is upon us. Hurricanes are intense storms that can cause massive power outages, damage to roadways, homes and nature. The hurricane season goes from June through November. If you have never been through a hurricane, it can be very freighting but you can plan ahead to stay safe.

  • Do not wait for an emergency to start planning. Start one today.

  • Coordinate your plan with your healthcare providers, Homecare Company, nursing service, and medical equipment company.

  • Develop a basic family emergency plan. Make sure each family member has gone through the plan and everyone knows what to do in case of an emergency.

  • Put together an emergency kit. Each Emergency Kit should have the following:

* Water -one gallon per person, per day

*Food - (canned or dried food, etc.)

*Radio-battery operated

*First aid kit



*Medications and Medical Supplies,


*Gas-fill your cars and have an extra can of gas

*Backup battery kit (like the portable outlet) to help run your oxygen and cpap equipment.

Before any hurricane hits, you should have plenty of time to prepare for the storm. Use the days leading up to the storm to make plans to go to a safe area and/or prepare your home. You may need to board up your windows, bring items inside that may be a hazard, place sand bags in front of doors to block water from coming into your home, shop for emergency supplies and make sure your generator is full.

Make sure all your communication devices are fully charged, new batteries are in your flashlights and fill any bathtubs with clean water. Follow the instructions from local emergency managers, who work closely with state, local, tribal, and territorial agencies and partners. They will provide the latest recommendations based on the threat to your community and appropriate safety measures.

Follow these tips and prepare a plan to keep safe this season.

National Hurricane Center

National Weather Service



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