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Caring for Your Oxygen Tubing & Cannula

If you have been prescribed supplemental oxygen, you are most likely receiving the oxygen from a tank or an oxygen concentrator via nasal cannula or a mask.

Cannulas and mask come in a variety of sizes and shapes. They are both made for infants up to adults. Whether it’s being used for pediatric or used for a high flow rate, you need to maintain your tubing, mask or cannula.

So how do you maintain and care for your extension tubing, mask or nasal cannula?

This oxygen extension tubing connects the oxygen source (concentrator, tank, or liquid reservoir) to the nasal cannula or mask. It is typically 4 feet up to 50 feet for home use. Extension tubing is usually not used while using portable oxygen. You should replace this tubing every 90 days. If you are in an area that is exposed to a highly dusty environment, then changing this tubing more frequently would be recommended.

The mask or cannula is what you wear to receive the oxygen. If you are using your home oxygen daily, the mask or cannula should be changed about every 2 weeks. You can wipe the nasal prongs or the inside of the mask during that time with a clean cloth. We do not recommend using alcohol, as it may harden the cannula and mask over time.

If you are leaving your home and using your portable oxygen system daily, you should be changing your cannula more frequently (about every 2 weeks) than if you were only occasionally leaving your home for brief periods of time. Your mask or cannula should never be stiff or discolored.

Keeping your mask, cannula and tubing well maintained will not only help you feel better, but will also help assure that you are receiving the correct amount of prescribed oxygen.

Contact us for new supplies if your mask or cannula is old, stiff or discolored.



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