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Meet the Oxlife LIBERTY 2. With 24/7 continuous flow performance up to 2.0 LPM, the Oxlife LIBERTY 2 builds on its revolutionary continuous flow capability and industry-leading pulse dose capacity in a lightweight, compact wearable design. The Oxlife LIBERTY 2 provides a reliable and durable, single-source solution for a broad range of therapeutic needs.

Oxlife LIBERTY2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator

SKU: 800-0007
  • ●      Continuous flow settings up to 2.0 LPM

    ●      Pulse flow settings 1-10

    ●     Suitable for use at home, at work or on the go

    ●      Energy Smart Technology®

    ●      Warranty- 3 Years

    ●      Equipped with DNA Technology® Device Connectivity Platform

    • Includes multifunction carry bag for ease of mobility

    • Vehicle performance with DC power on all settings

    • Meets FAA requirements for air travel

    • Color LCD screen with easy-to-use control panel for quick set-up in hospital, clinic or home

    • Compact, innovative and easily accessible battery design that is chargeable on all settings while in use

    • Performance monitoring and proactive support available through proprietary Dynamic Network Analysis® (DNA) Technology

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