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Salter's Small Volume 8900 Disposable Nebulizers provide aerosol therapy faster than comparable nebulizers at an affordable price. The 8900 is simple to use with a unique design that nebulizes medication quickly even when held at an angle. It connects securely to aerosol masks or tee delivery systems; and is easy to assemble and disassemble for cleaning.


8900 Series Disposable Nebulizers offer fast, efficient and economical drug delivery, with Salter Labs quality. The innovative jet design produces consistently high-quality aerosol: 3 ml of drug output within 7 minutes compared to up to 15 minutes for other conventional nebulizers. 8900 Nebulizers are highly efficient with a convex cone design that maximizes aerosol dispersion while minimizing medication waste. And they're easy to clean with clear plastic construction for visual inspections and color coded parts for easy reassembly.


COMPATIBILITY: This nebulizer is compatible with all standard nebulizer compressor systems including those from Philips Respironics, Pari Medical, Devilbiss Healthcare, and others.


USAGE: The Salter 8900 Disposable Nebulizer is recommended for up to 2 weeks of use before replacement.



Nebulizer Kit / Circuit

SKU: 8900-7
  • MANUFACTURER: Salter Labs

    • IN THE PACKAGE Disposable Nebulizer (5 ml capacity), Tee Adaptor, Mouthpiece, 7-Foot Tubing
    • PART NUMBER(S)8900-7
    • GTIN / UPC CODE00607411890031




    • TREATMENT TIME6-8 Minutes
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