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Maintenance: Batteries & Sieve Bed Columns

Is your portable concentrator showing an “O2 Service Soon”, “Replace Columns” message, not turning on? If it is, you will need to replace your columns and/or replace your battery.

The two main issues portable oxygen concentrator owners have with their POC are batteries and maintaining the sieve bed columns. POC’s have a lifespan of about five years. Batteries have an average lifespan of 300 to 500 charges and the sieve columns need to be changed about every 18 months. Most POC’s are user friendly to allow owners to service the sieve beds and batteries without having to send the unit back to your provider or manufacturer.

Batteries are very simple to replace, they typically just slide on and off with the release of a button on the bottom or side of the unit. Sieve bed columns are just as easy to replace but what is a sieve bed column.

A sieve bed is made of a crystalline material called Zeolite that separates the nitrogen from the air we breathe. A concentrator has two sieve bed columns that work to both release oxygen into a cylinder as well as discharge the separated nitrogen back into the air. This forms a continuous loop that keeps producing pure oxygen. The sieve beds inside the column eventually wear down after prolonged use and need to be replaced.

Most portable concentrators will alert you when you need to replace the columns, with a message showing “Low Priority Alert”, “O2 Service Soon”, Replace Columns, etc…. The

message typically gives you 30 days to replace the columns before the concentrator begins to function improperly.

Having the ability to service your POC on your own, saves you time, money and allows you to stay active.



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