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Are All Concentrators the Same?

All concentrators are NOT the same!

If you have every visited the internet looking for oxygen concentrators you may find hundreds of options. However, be aware that some portable concentrators you will find are non-medical grade. Meaning they are not FDA approved and not for medical treatment. Most of these devices are less expensive but do not adequately provide the oxygen levels that are needed for medical purposes.

Medical Grade Portable Oxygen Concentrator

A medical-grade portable oxygen concentrator is a user-friendly medical oxygen device that delivers close to high levels of pure oxygen at every flow setting.

Medical-grade concentrators are FDA-approved. They are made to filter and concentrate atmospheric oxygen molecules, they provide 90-95% oxygen to patients. They are FDA-approved, have a high purity rate, designed for medical use and safe to use.

Non-Medical Grade Portable Oxygen Concentrator?

Unlike medical-grade machines, non-medical grades concentrators are not FDA-Approved and not advised for medical use. These concentrators are typically not able to sustain high oxygen purity. Meaning the amount of oxygen a person receives is not typically high enough to keep the oxygen saturation levels at an appropriate level to benefit someone that needs oxygen.

You can find several non-medical grade portable oxygen concentrators online. Some oxygen therapy patients are enticed to buy them instead of the medical grade units, as they are cheaper and more affordable. If you are planning to purchase one, be sure to educate yourself first on the dangers surrounding them.

Oxygen is actually considered a drug—meaning it needs to be prescribed for specific indications. Like any other drug, receiving too much can lead to dangerous results and receiving too little can be just as dangerous to your health.

The FDA aims to ensure that all oxygen supplies, including portable concentrators, are appropriately distributed to oxygen patients with genuine medical needs. Patients with such conditions include those with pneumonia, asthma, respiratory distress syndrome, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Consult your doctor first before purchasing anything to ensure that you are purchasing a concentrator that will fit your needs and help you live a safe and healthy life.



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