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Quick Tips for Summer Travel with a POC

If you are traveling this summer, you know it can be stressful, especially when you or a loved one is using medical oxygen. Planning ahead of time will help to avoid any headaches and allow you to enjoy your trip. We have listed a few quick tips for Summer Travel while using medical oxygen. 


  • Talk to Your Provider- It’s always good to share with your provider that you are planning a vacation so they can make sure you are up to date with prescriptions, vaccinations and or anything else to keep you healthy.

  • Plan and Research- Plan a few months in advance to make sure you have your prescriptions updated, required documents or anything else you may need before your travel date.  You may need extra batteries, you don’t want to be caught off guard.

  • Emergency Plan- Be sure to know what to do in case of a flare up or exacerbation.  Research the nearest hospital and keep a copy of your oxygen prescriptions and medications with you.

  • Check the Requirements- Double check and ask your travel provider for any requirements that you may need to know about when traveling with a POC.

  • Know Your Body- Bring the proper clothing to protect your airways.  Ask your hotel if they have good air-conditioning units and nonsmoking rooms.  Bring a mask just in case the air quality is not good.

  • Stay Safe and Healthy- Bring hand sanitizer, wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your eyes and mouth.

Research and planning can help make the most out of your trip. Remember to check with your travel provider on any requirements for traveling with medical oxygen. Traveling when you are using supplemental oxygen might be an extra stress on your summer vacation but when you follow the quick travel tips and have a POC, it can help the travel stress.  



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